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It seemed appropriate to start off our candle section with these extra special candles as the "Pirate's Treasure Candle" was my first gel candle creation.  I later developed the "Sea Gem Candle" as a kind of spin off of the first.  Both of these treasure candles have a nice clean scent reminiscent of the ocean.


Pirate's Treasure candle picture

Our treasure candle features a carved bone and brass "treasure chest" which rests on a bed of sand amid a scattering of tiny seashells. Inside the chest is the "buried treasure" which consists of either a pair of sterling silver and semi-precious stone earrings or a semi-precious stone pendant on a fine sterling silver chain.

After enjoying the sight and scent of the burning candle, the recipient will be rewarded with the additional gift of the jewelry. Don't be too surprised though if you find that she just couldn't wait!

Gel candles burn much slower than the solid wax variety, so it will take quite a while before the candle burns down to the top of the treasure chest. We have heard several instances of impatient people digging through their candles to find their "treasure"! Should this occur, another of the unique qualities of gel wax can be used to salvage the candle. Once the treasure chest has been removed, the gel can be cut with a pair of scissors into miniature "jello cubes". These can be packed around the wick and the candle can be lit again.

The treasure chest makes a nice jewelry or trinket box once it is removed from the candle. Now where else can you find three gifts in one to match this quality at such a low price?

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Sea Gem teasure candle picture

This gel treasure candle also has a seabed theme with sand and tiny seashells and starfish;however, instead of a "treasure chest",this one has a seashell "purse" formed of two real shells with a hinge and a clasp. In keeping with the seashell container, the jewelry inside these treasure candles features cultured pearls.

Once the treasure candle is burned down, either a pair of cultured pearl earrings or a cultured pearl pendant on a sterling silver or gold-filled chain will be found inside the seashell container.

Although I have seen these shell containers sold as "coin purses", I would not advise using them as such. Between the coins inside and whatever the shell container might come into contact with in a pocketbook or pocket, the shells are pretty certain to sustain some damage in a short time. On the other hand, it makes a pretty and very appropropriate "box" for your pearl jewelry.

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