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Treasure Candles

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It seemed appropriate to start off our candle section with these extra special candles as the "Pirate's Treasure Candle" was my first gel candle creation.  I later developed the "Sea Gem Candle" as a kind of spin off of the first.  Both of these treasure candles have a nice clean scent reminiscent of the ocean.


Pirate's Treasure candle picture

Our treasure candle features a carved bone and brass "treasure chest" which rests on a bed of sand amid a scattering of tiny seashells. Inside the chest is the "buried treasure" which consists of either a pair of sterling silver and semi-precious stone earrings or a semi-precious stone pendant on a fine sterling silver chain.

Once the treasure chest has been removed, the gel can be cut with a pair of scissors into miniature "jello cubes". These can be packed around the wick and the candle can be lit again. Do not burn last inch of candle.

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Sea Gem teasure candle picture

This gel treasure candle also has a seabed theme with sand and tiny seashells and starfish;however, instead of a "treasure chest",this one has a seashell "purse" formed of two real shells with a hinge and a clasp. In keeping with the seashell container, the jewelry inside these treasure candles features cultured pearls.

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