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The beer candle was previously shown on our Wine Candle page; however, we decided that it really deserved a page of it's own.

After all, since the earliest known recipe, found on a Sumerian clay tablet from 1800 BC, was a recipe for brewing beer, we figured we should recognize its historical importance. Judging from the number of microbreweries that have sprung up in recent years, its popularity has certainly not dwindled in modern times.

picture of beer candle in glass mug

The beer candle looks quite realistic with its nice foamy "head" and is "served"in a sturdy glass mug. Once the candle has been burned and the mug has been washed with a good grease-cutting detergent, it can be filled with the real thing. Before you ask ---- No, it is NOT beer scented! I like the occasional beer, but I sure don't want my house smelling like a brewery. This candle is nicely scented with a spice mixture.

We have recently discovered that one of our candle suppy distributors does actually offer a beer scent. While we doubt that most of our customers would want a beer scented candle, it is not unlikely that some might. we could see the beer candle being even more appropriate as a "gag" gift if it actually smelled like beer. What are your thoughts about this? We would like to hear from our customers (and potential customers). Please contact us and let us know whether or not you'd like to see us offer a beer scented beer candle.

We do our best to fill and ship all orders as quickly as possible; however, if you are thinking of ordering one or more beer candles or champagne candles, please allow a litte extra time. Due to the nature of gel wax, the bubbles will gradually disappear over time. We do not keep a large back-stock of these candles for that reason and may have to make your candles when you order them. After all, who wants "flat" beer or champagne?

Out of all of our candles, this one seems to be the first choice of many customers who are looking for a gift for a man. Don't you think that one or two would make a unique Fathers' Day gift?

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As noted on our Frequently Asked Questions page, this is by no means a skimpy little candle despite its low price. The beer candle comes in a quality thirteen ounce glass sports mug.

Our beer candle would also make a nice addition to a custom gift basket for him, if you're looking for a more substantial gift.

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